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Realitty Based Erotica

Blog of the author Euftis Emery. Humorous, explicit erotica based on reality. Visit my website at www.euftis.com for a non-censored view of my work.

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"I'm at it again..." an eBook trailer will preview my next three upcoming books.

Following are the books that you will get in the eBook trailer:

Keep it in the Family

Why date when your cousin is drop-dead gorgeous?

Church Girls are Easy

Need a quick hook-up? What's the easiest type of chick who will get you straight? A chicken head, hoodrat, babygurl, tramp or stripper? Nope. Naw. None of the above. You need to get a girl that's in church! They easy!


How many women really submit to their husband? Submit to them to the point that they share their bed with another woman. Even another man. Meet Keisha. Her love for her husband was beyond measure. So deep that she did any and everything that he wanted with...whomever...he wanted.

She gave him everything he needed. Everything that he wanted. Everything that he dreamed. But he...still...left her for another woman...


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